Sunday, 5 June 2016

Spirit Animal - Red Winged Blackbird


There were 16 Red Winged Blackbirds sitting together on the branches of willows that ringed the water pond in the park.  They trilled back and forth.  They talked about being here (in the park) for another year.  About the migration from the south, and the food supply, and where there were good spots for the nests. 

The discussion highlighted a few things:

  1. Home and neighborhood is important.  It is really good to have friends that you can depend upon.
  2. A supply of good, clean water is important.  The closer to where you live, the better.
  3. Protection, such as the protection to animals/birds offered by the park, gives one peace of mind.
  4. A consistent supply of the right kind of food ensures that you will be able to support your offspring.

This all sounds like good advice. 


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