Thursday, 2 June 2016

Nature Speaks–Welcome June 2016


Summer seems to be in full swing.  The trees have mature leaves and they are blossoming.  Herbs are ready to be harvested.  The smell of green is in the air.  Life is grand. 

The animals all have their babies and birds are sitting on eggs soon to be hatched.  This is a healing time as well as a rebirthing time. 

To absorb some of the energy, go out into Nature and just be.  Do not think about or worry about anything.  Take your family on a picnic.  Sit by the river and eat a sandwich and marvel at the change of the season and the passing of this year into the sixth month.

Time, like the river, moves quickly and then slowly, and then meanders.  It always moves ahead.

Is there a lesson in this movement that you need to understand?


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