Sunday, 13 September 2015

Angels Speak - Seeing Beauty In Flowers


There is beauty in all aspects of Nature for me.  Not everyone agrees that Nature is beautiful, but they do agree that parts of it are.  I love seeing the flowers that grow in people’s yards and the flowers out in the meadows of the parks.  The colors are amazing. 

The flowers, too, bring some healing to those who see them and look at them with awe and respect.  To be a flower is a very special task.  The growing season is so short, unless the flower is a perennial, and there is no telling when your flowers will be picked or eaten.

Flowers have a message for us:

  • Don’t be afraid to shine your colours.
  • Stand straight to get the Sun but be flexible when the wind blows.
  • Put your roots down deep so that you can be sure of your foundation.



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