Monday, 21 September 2015

Angels Speak - Learning


It seems that when many of us finish our high school or university, that we forget that learning is a lifetime necessity.  We are always learning new technologies.  We are learning new routes through new developments.  We are learning new ways to watch TV as we replace the old cablevision with Netflix or Shomi.  We constantly need to learn.  Even buying a new vehicle in this decade means we need to learn a completely different dashboard then what was in cars even ten years ago.

As the poster says, many people see new challenges as a storm.  They are fearful of it.  They worry that the change will destroy the peace that they felt with the old situation.  The rain storm brings new nutrients and new moisture to the planet.  It fills up the vegetation and keeps the rivers flowing.

Learning is our rainstorm.



hannahlily said...

wonderful timing, both this and the post below. i keep dreaming about big storms, and i was just sharing on another blog my first experience of allowing and accepting a now that didnt contain what i wanted.. after reading a line in eckhart tolle which said 'if you cannot accept the isness, can you accept that you cannot accept'. it was the start of a real changing of mind and heart :)

thanks for sharing.

hannahlily said...

hi there, i was just wondering if there was a way i can receive emails when you post a blog?

Judith Hirst said...

Hello Hannahlily! Thank you for a great question on getting email posts of blogs.

I have added an email signup so that new blogs will be posted to you.

Blessings, Judy