Saturday, 2 May 2009

Spirit Animal – Wolverine


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The wolverine is known for its great ferocity and extraordinary strength.  Indian mythology describes the wolverine as a trickster hero, a link between the material world and the spirit world.  In ancient mythology the energy of a trickster is linked to the underworld where the secrets of creation  live.

Baby wolverines are born blind and weigh less than one pound.  This prompts all their other sensory organs to awaken quickly, their sense of smell, feeling and inner sight are heightened at an early age. Small yet insightful, the new born wolverine acknowledges and responds to all its intuitive senses from the moment of birth. They  respond to life and the challenges it holds with clarity, focus and persistence giving them a deeper understanding of personal power. Those with this medicine should ask themselves if their personal power is serving them appropriately.  Learning  how to utilize  personal power in a balanced way is one of the teachings the wolverine holds.

The wolverines crafty cunning nature coupled with their perseverance and focus keeps them aligned with the energies of creation.  This alignment serves them in many ways.  They know when to act, when to retreat, how to respond to any situation and how to become invisible.  All of these abilities inherent in the wolverine are also inherent in those who hold this medicine.  Wolverines are masters at shape shifting their reality to benefit them in some way and can teach us how to do the same.  Shamanic studies is helpful for those who have this totem.

Wolverines are excellent scavengers although not the best hunters.  They are very resourceful and know how to make do with whatever is available.  They turn trash into treasure and teach us how to do the same.  Alaskan natives consider the wolverine to by a symbol of the wilderness, a survivor of the elements.  Its fur is commonly used for parka trim and hoods because of its durability.  The guard hairs of the wolverine fur resist frost accumulation helping people survive in extreme cold weather.

Solitary creatures with tremendous physical endurance the wolverine can travel up to 40 miles a day in search of food.  Because of their great strength and endurance wolverines have become the center of folklore, although its fierce reputation has been exaggerated.  They rarely attack any predator larger than itself and only attack when food is needed. They show us how to go the distance and acquire that which we seek.

When this medicine is fully developed in humans the capability to survive in any situation is common.  If under developed challenges regarding survival are common. Because the wolverine is a shape shifter the art of survival doesn't just represent the physical realm.  It also indicates the challenges associated with mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual understanding.

The wolverine is a master teacher and embodies a variety of skills.  When it appears in your life it is asking you to take a serious look at your self and your life, change anything that does not serve and utilize your personal power for the good of self and others.   See our May 2009 newsletter online at


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder of how valuable my totem really is! Wolverine has walked with me in my life and indeed has kept me safe in risky places, fed and housed when no options appeared, and helped me shape-shift numerous situations and myself when need has arisen. It's hard to find anything positive about wolverine medicine; your insight is greatly valued.

Anonymous said...

thank you in helping me understand my spirit animal better, I'm just a beginner in wiccan practice and feel this can be a great of help to me, i thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Im am also trying to understand this about myself

Anonymous said...

i have a quick qu for you . it might sound strange to all of you out there but i have been going through a problem in my life . my dad passed on and i know of only one Totem spirit in my life. well a couple nights ago in my sleep a rem sleep dream you can call it. my Totem appeared to me along with three others. which i will not tell what they were. why they will lose there power. we all sat around the camp fire and they spelled everything out to me and about there powerful medicine they have... and the old way of life and the roads that we walk in life..... the qu is do people have more then one totem from the spirit world ? or is that very uncommon for this to happen ...yes i am leaving out alot of things but i can feel one on my right arm , left arm and two on my back .. its a very good part of my spirit . my friends say i glow a bit now after that ...

Judith Hirst said...

Yes, you can have several animal guides at one time. And, your guides may change over time. Blessings to you.