Sunday, 8 July 2018

Self Care


I have been quite busy with work and family stuff.  The Angels have been telling me that I need to make sure that as well as taking care of others and other things, that I must take care of myself.  They say that I need more rest and more fun.  I am planning some fun things! 

As always, when I need something to spur me to action, a nifty article comes my way. Here is a fantastic meditation or mantra on self care from Louise Hay.

I love my body.
My body is perfect for me at this time. My body weight is also perfect. I am exactly where I choose to be. I am beautiful, and every day I become more attractive. This concept used to be very hard for me to accept, yet things are changing now that I am treating myself as if I were someone who was deeply loved. I’m learning to reward myself with healthy little treats and pleasures now and again. Little acts of love nurture me, doing things that I really like, such as quiet time, a walk in nature, a hot soothing bath, or anything that really gives me pleasure. I enjoy caring for myself. I believe it is okay to like myself and to be my own best friend. I know my body is filled with star light and that I sparkle and glow everywhere I go.

-----Excerpt taken from Meditations to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

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