Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Let's Talk About Kindness


I often wonder how people were raised when I see people act unkindly to others.  I wonder why bullying in schools, and via social media, has gotten to be such a huge problem.  Bullying is so unkind.  And then, I wonder why so many people have decided that they must kill other people that they know.  This is the ultimate unkindness.

The light is an amazing gift – that is – the light to be kind, courteous, mindful, and compassionate.  The light helps people to be kind to others and to recognize the "right" thing to do.  A good example of goodness/kindness is three people in Toronto who rushed to lift a blind person from the train tracks where the person had fallen off the platform.  One of the heroes said, "It was the right thing to do!"

Kindness and the ability to be kind is being tested harder than it has ever been tested in the history of mankind.  How will you answer the call to be kind?

Many blessings.

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