Sunday, 15 May 2016

Spirit Speaks–Questing for Knowledge



The idea of questing, or of searching, goes back to ancient times.  Our Ancestors understood that some people had a need to find out new information and to find new things.  Today, when we quest, we often have a map to guide us, or perhaps GPS.

Think about how difficult it must have been to be a man or a woman (think Joan of Arc) to leave what you knew, and to follow the spiritual guidance of your soul to be in service to the Greater Good.  Picture yourself being guided by the stars and planets to go someplace that was only a name to you.

Through out time, people have travelled or quested to sacred shrines to ask for healing for themselves or for another.  People have quested to see the other side of the mountain or the other side of the ocean.  The common theme is the deep hunger to learn something new or to do something different.  Now, the quest is to take settlers to the Moon or to Mars.

Today, do you have a quest that is calling you?


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