Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Angels Speak - It Is Your Life


What you do with your life is nobody's business.  What others do with their life is not your business.  We all have plenty to do without minding other people's business… the exception is if you are a supervisor or manager, etc. at work, then you do need to be mindful about what your team is doing.

Life is not always black and white although it would be so much easier if everything could be clearly defined as right or wrong.  That is the thing.. though.. it is never quite clear.  Why?  Well, to make us use our judgement and to think things through so that we operate on a level of the greatest and highest good.  That is not so easy to do.  Most of us cannot achieve that kind of clarity.

Think about something that you wonder about – the rightness and the wrongness of it, and see what pops up for you.


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