Sunday, 7 February 2016

Buddha Speaks - Well Being



In Buddhism, pursuing happiness is not just a moving away from one thing—the acquisition of external objects—but moving toward another, dharma practice. It’s extricating yourself from the actual sources of dukkha, which are internal, and moving toward greater freedom, greater mental well-being, greater balance, greater meaning.   —B. Alan Wallace, "What is True Happiness?" (From

I am at a place where often conversations turn to the topic of 'Well Being'.  The topic is a hot one right now, especially when people compare their life to that of a Syrian refugee, or to someone who is homeless.  In the area that I live in, well being is generally considered to have achieved a place where you have a house/home, a good job and paycheque, and where you are not constrained in any way. 

I found the poster above, and I think that this really sums up the idea of well being.  The one thing that I think is missing is a bubble for "Spirituality".  I am not talking religion, although perhaps that should be on there too.  I am talking about having something bigger than yourself that you are part of, that you believe in, and that you have faith in. 

What do you think?


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