Friday, 26 February 2016

Angels Speak -


When you attempt to do something "big", the world will tell us that we have a very high probability of failure.  The Angels tell us that we have already been successful because we set our goals high. 

The paradox is that many want you to fail; they do not want you to succeed.  A young man in Ontario worked three jobs to pay off his mortgage.  He paid it off in a year and a bit.  As a child, he had experienced their home being repossessed.  He vowed it would not happen to him. 

He was successful in paying off his mortgage.  He celebrated with friends, and the story hit the media.  Soon after his story was published, he started to get hate mail, angry phone calls, and even death threats.  People were angry with him. 

They were angry that he succeeded.  Those folks around him took his sacrifices as a personal challenge to them, and they resented him.  He did something great.


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