Monday, 15 June 2015

Spirit Animal -- Cougar Blessings

I felt the call and the pull of the wild.  I felt the snarl and the low growl deep in my throat.  I felt the deepness of the stare.  There she sat.  On a rock.  She was majestic, and scary, and awfully big.

As though she could read my mind, she seemed to grin. Or, maybe she was getting ready to snack - on me - the thought crossed my mind.

She then stretched and seemed to purr.  I felt peace.  I felt the grace of her presence.  I felt her blessing.

"May you hunt with stealth so that you capture food.
May you have a warm cave to sleep in out of the wind and the rain.
May you find warm rocks in the Sun to sleep on.
May remain invisible to man"

And she left.


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