Monday, 5 November 2007

About The Great White Brotherhood

MPj04331580000[1] There are many books written about the Great White Brotherhood with the earliest being written about 1912. Before that time, the different groups including the Great White Brotherhood, Ashtar’s Command, Councilate of Ascended Light, and other fellowships that worked with humans were closely guarded secrets. Working with these groups was taught only in Mystery Schools, and then only by special invitation. The laws of the different countries at that time classified working with “mysteries” as “Devil’s Work”. Those involved with the Mysteries were called witches, devil worshippers or Satan’s Guild. It was a dark time! Practitioners were both persecuted and prosecuted.

Times have changed, and we are all learning that there is much on Earth and in our solar system and further out in our galaxy that we do not understand. The group, The Great White Brotherhood (GWB) teams up with individuals on Earth to provide details of cosmic information, specialized healing techniques, and concepts of use and understanding of natural laws. GWB seems to show up for people in meditation, in visions, in dreams, and even during channeling whether it is written or oral. Members of GWB include ascended masters and beings from the heavenly realms (archangels, angels, spirits, guides, ancient ones) who have dedicated their purpose to working with beings on Earth. The group is called “white” because of their great white light and the essence of goodness that they work with. Membership in GWB is not restricted by anything other than the desire to help beings on Earth move forward in evolution. GWB has teams that work within arts and entertainment, education, healing, and enlightenment. The teams transcend race, religions, and politics.

GWB has healing teams, writing teams, and enlightenment teams that will assist the person in improving or expanding the work the individual is currently doing. The GWB team that works with me is the healing team who work with humans mostly through a program called the Medical Assistance Program. (Note that the Medical Assistance Program is also part of the title of a book written by Machaelle Wright). The individual may ask to have assistance when experiencing an illness and the GWB team shows up. The “asking” may be done either through meditation or through an invocation. Each individual will receive their own specialized team. The healing process initiated by GWB is unique to each individual.

The stories of healing, of writing, and of “knowing” profound truths through association with the Great White Brotherhood have been recorded as articles and books. These teachers come when we need them and leave us changed forever.

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