Monday, 25 June 2018

Keeping Close to Nature


The Angels tell us that now that Summer Solstice is past, we need to spend much time outside, in Nature, assimilating all the light that is available from other places in the Universe.

Now is the time for the energies to be re-charged with new light from far away.  This charging of the energies will bring new challenges for us.  We will become empowered and not easily swayed by corporate messages, political messages, or media influence.  We will become more awake to the manipulating that is happening to us and around us.

Being outside will allow us to detox with Nature.  The trees will cleanse us of disease, EMF, and toxic substances that we ingest when we eat food from elsewhere.  Don't worry if you get flu-like symptoms, that is part of the process.


Many blessings.

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