Friday, 7 April 2017

Spirit Guides - Karma Thoughts



Rolling the memories of your life, back and forth on the big screen of your life, you will see moments when it seemed luck was on your side, and that nothing can go wrong.  Then, you see times where you were unkind and life smacks you with something grim that you have to deal with.

The Spirit Guides talk to us about Karma, the idea that what we put out to the world comes back to us, sometimes as much as ten fold or ten times.  To explain this, think about something very loving and kind that you did for not just one person, but for a group of people.  Not only did you feel a sense of rightness after the action, you also saw "rewards" from doing that particular action.  Send out – get back. 

The Spirit Guides tell us that karma has a long reach through many life times.  So, if you were a taker in a previous life time, in this life time, the Universe might reverse that action, and you will need to be constantly giving, at expense to yourself. 

There are not hard, fast rules of karma.  Today, think of all the good things that you can do for people, and begin doing them.


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