Monday, 9 January 2017

Angels Speak - Are You An Awesome Partner?

Figure 1 – Poster comes from

Whether you are in a marriage or cohabitating with a roommate, you are in a relationship. If you are a friend or a sibling, then you are in a relationship.  Each person is a partner.  Although we tend to think of a Partner as someone in a marriage type arrangement, being a partner is more then that.  Remember that there are people that are partners in corporations, law firms, accounting firms, doctors offices, and on, and on. 

The Angels tell us that the points in the poster above are really about all relationships.  In number 5, "Show Affection" is saying to show that you are loyal and that you value the other person. Substitute Partner for Sweetie in number 8.

Do you see how this is going?  This is a guideline for living life and for interacting with others. 

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