Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Angels Speak - Be Love


Sit and be still for ten minutes.  In that ten minutes, think of all the people that you have shut out of your life because …. they were mean or they made you angry, or they were not like me, or they did not agree with me, or, any of the reasons that you have come up with.

Love is the only way.  Therefore, if you have resistance to loving and accepting someone, then, you will not move forward.  You will stay mired in the same things that you complain about holding you back.

Take a break and do something else.

Come back and sit in meditation for ten minutes.  In that time, contemplate the concept of love.  What does love feel like?  Does it have a taste?  Have you observed what you thought was pure, unconditional love?  Can you love like that?

Most of us want compensation for our love.  That makes love conditional.  It is not love.


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