Wednesday, 7 February 2018

What Do You Need To Know?


How do you approach troublesome problems with people or with situations that seem to re-occur in your life?  Do you view them as bad people and bad luck? Or, do you ask, "What can I learn from this person or from this situation?"

I read a quote that said, "Our eyes are in the front of our head and not in the back because we need always to look forwards, not backwards". While I think that quote is mostly true, I believe that we sometimes need to stop and take stock of what has been happening to us to see if we can see a pattern. 

When we observe a pattern, then we are beginning to have an insight into our life.  For example, is there a situation where a friend has dumped us as a friend, several times in the last three years?  That is a pattern that shows there is an issue of some sort.  One can say that the problem is theirs.  Yet, we are learning that what happens around us and to us is a reflection of us.  So, the issue is also ours.  Now comes the fun part of figuring out the issue and owning it to resolve it.

Today, take a look at some ongoing issues that you have had over time.  How will you resolve them?

Many blessings.

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