Friday, 1 September 2017

Buddha Speaks - Our Thoughts


September starts, and it is a perfect time to become mindful about our thoughts.  Physicists have been proving what Buddha has taught thousands of years ago – that thoughts are energy and that the energy is a cause that creates effects in our lives.

When we think joyful things, we are joyful and those around us become joyful.  The reverse is also true.  We have little idea of just how truly powerful our thoughts are.

For this month, send out truly positive, powerful thoughts that evoke an action of some kind.  Note the date and time, and then watch how quickly the thought manifests.

As an example, I wished that, with harm to no one,  my massage therapist, who is extremely busy, would have time open up around my appointment so that I could have an hour and a half massage for my sore back. An hour and a half before my appointment time, I got a call saying that there had been a cancellation before me and did I want to start my massage earlier.  The answer was "yes!".  I got my extra time.


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