Monday, 7 March 2016

Angels Speak - Having New Eyes


Every day, life moves around us.  Sometimes, one thing shifts, and we see everything with new eyes because the perspective has changed.  We each have preconceived ideas about people, situations, money, relationships, and so on. 

We change often because of an act of kindness.  You might call an act of kindness that someone extends to you, a gift.  The action enables the art of healing one's self. 

Think about a situation where you blame somebody for a perceived wrong against you.  Now, hold the picture in your mind, and look at it from a different view.  Look at it from the view that the aggressor was hurt in some way, physically or emotionally.  Look at from the view that you were to learn a lesson – perhaps on compassion.  Look at it from the view that you were put there to help that person.


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