Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Spirit Animal - Orca Dives In


We never really know what we can do until we dive in and do it.  Orca comes to remind us that being fearful and holding back from doing things is a form of laziness.  Doing new things and pushing the envelope of where you are comfortable causes us problems from time to time.  Yes, it takes more effort.  Yes, the effort sometimes hurts, especially if the effort is physical.  We need to move, to grow, to experience.  This is part of why challenges come our way.

Orca tells us:

  • The waves and current are mostly on the surface of the ocean.  Beneath, it is much calmer.
  • It takes strength to dive deep and swim in the calm.  It takes more strength and effort to swim in waves and current.  One gets exhausted faster.
  • Coming to the surface for air gives one a chance to look around and to experience what is on the horizon, above in the heavens, and to rejoice in the ability to move between experiences.


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