Friday, 13 February 2009

Spirit Animal – Snow Leopard


"Their big eyes are so well adapted for low-light vision that snow leopards can hunt in near total darkness—but they can still go hungry when humans compete for their prey. Though trophy hunts for wild sheep and goats bring income to local communities, they can deplete food stocks for snow leopards."   Out of the Shadows, photo project by Steve Winter  The Winner of The Best Wild Nature Photo 2008

Snow Leopard has the colour brown, for the Earth, black for the Night and mystery and magic, and white for the Day, and connection to Great Spirit.  The reverence for Snow Leopard is displayed in the many legends around it.

In  Nepal, in Dolpo, there are stories of great lamas frequently making trips to Tibet in the form of snow leopards, in search of rare medicinal herbs. Other folklore describes the snow leopard as a “fence” for the crops, meaning that in the absence of snow leopards livestock would be free ranging and thus would invade crop fields.

Dr. John Mock, in 2004, went to Pakistan, and investigated some of their myths.  This is one around the Snow Leopard.

Pari are female supernatural denizens of the high mountains. People in Pakistan, Afghanistan, north India and throughout Central Asia are familiar with pari. The Wakhi ethnic population in northern Pakistan, China, Tajikistan and Afghanistan have their own word for pari: mergichan. The mergichan inhabit the mergich realm, which is the realm of the mountains and high pastures. It is a pure, even sacred realm, where the supernatural mountain spirits tend their wild flocks of blue sheep and ibex. The Wakhi word for snow leopard is pes. A pes is a mergich animal found only in mergich areas. It rarely interacts with people, is hard to see, powerful, beautiful, and potentially dangerous. As such, it exemplifies many of the qualities of the mergichan, and so is an appropriate animal shape for them to assume.

If Snow Leopard comes to you, then know it brings several messages, and all of them or some of them may be for you!

  1. Living high in the mountains, this animal is at one with Great Spirit and Mother Earth.  Leopard communes with the Wisdom Keepers (in Munay-Ki the mountains are Wisdom Keepers).  She reminds you to open up your intuitive abilities.
  2. Snow Leopard moves invisibly and so is able to stalk her prey, as elusive as her prey is.  The message is clear – keep a very low profile as you pursue your goals to avoid drawing attention and competition to what you do.
  3. Leopard is a hunter that attacks the neck from the back. As many belief systems say the soul enters and leaves through the back, it is believed that Leopard may consume souls. If Leopard comes to you, know that she is telling you that it is difficult for you to meet people face on, and to ensure your back is covered.  She also cautions about moving up on someone else’s back.  Balance in all things is required.  If you do need to defeat someone, beware of taking on their “stuff”.
  4. Leopard medicine is one that requires strong bodies – and quick action.  This may lead to humans with quick, angry tempers.  Leopard cautions that the angry energy must be released. If not released, it will settle into the body causing pain in the bones and limbs…arthritis may result.

May those of you with Leopard medicine find peace.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I can recognize perfectly with why I had such a vivid dream of the snow leopard just the other night...It's all unfolding and making clear sense to me now, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, but in my dream, the snow leopard came when I called with a specific name. When it came, it never came out of the shadows, but it would always be ready to protect me. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

It means it is you're spiritual guardian. A snow leopard are strong creatures that can take you from one world to another. She will allow you to dance with sprites and walk in this world with strength. Walk with her closely and get to know her. call to her and she will come. and trust her, she has much knowledge to teach you.

Anonymous said...

In my dream, I stood on a small mound when the snow leopard came to me and let me pet his head. I felt very close to him. Than I woke up.

June 8th 2013

Anonymous said...

I dreamt that the snow leopard was my new pet. I was rubbing his head and he let me pet him. However, I was a bit hesitant and scared that I now had him as a pet. I also had my dog in the dream and I was terrified of leaving the dog with the snow leopard, since I knew I could protect myself if anything happened but I knew I could not protect my dog. However, when I came back after I had accidentally left them alone, there was an attack. But my dog and the snow leopard were calm. Instead, it was a new dog that the leopard and dog had made but it was barking at me and wanted to bite my arm.

Anonymous said...

I woke up at 3 am this morning thinking of nothing more than snow Leopards. And then suddenly I was filled with the urge to know more to get closer to her but I was the snow Leopard in my dream can anyone please explain this to me?

Stephanie West said...

I know this is not a snow leopard but i did have a dream about a black panther. That he jumped into my truck and I got very, very scared and I climbed through the back window into the bed of my truck and the panther followed and I had no where else to go because I had the camper shell on my truck. And we just sat there looking at each other and I was very scared although, he didn't seem interested in hurting me.

Anonymous said...

I love snow leopards, and I can relate to almost everything you said, but I have never seen one in my dream. Any thoughts? Also I am pretty much always thinking about snow leopards.

heryellowbuttons said...

Dear Judy,

So about snow leopards---last night, I dreamt that I was hiking and I was having a grand ole time, I was near a mountain and there were tracks going up higher but I had no interest because I had already been there and so I decided that I wanted to stay at the bottom bc there was a post there that I wanted to be near. My dream switched scenes and suddenly I'm up high on this green pasture with some houses to the side, but at the same time, I'm coming back down on this snowy hill, and out of the blue these strangers come down from the hill and then I look over to the right and there's this huge snow leopard, I freak out a little bc it's circling me and I'm frightened so I close my eyes and I don't move, suddenly someone shoots the animal down and I'm on this rampage bc as much I didn't want to be killed I didn't want anyone to kill the animal either, so I go on this search to find the killer and I end up in this chinese person's home and my uncle is walking around but he doesn't really talk to me, he's just mumbling and I'm trying to ask him who killed the snow leopard, the chinese man then suggests--why don't you ask the shaman? but at this point, I wake up. Crazy huh? so what do you make of that. When a snow leopard is shot and dies in front of you? And you feel this tremendous amount of sadness for it?

Anonymous said...

I was daydreaming and I opened my eyes, I was in a snowy scenery. A Snow Leopard appeared and rested her chin on my head. I closed my eyes again but when I opened them I was back in !my room. I had the name Taliah in my mind.

Kaitlyn Sabet said...

Hey I sat about 15 feet apart- face to face with a Colorado mountain lioness 2 weeks ago. She must have been stalking me for 10 minutes as I walked barefoot through the woods. I honestly heard the birds sounding an alarm above me, which lead my attention towards this beautiful creature (orange tint to her coat!) she turned to run away at first, but turned back around, saw that I was safe- eventually even let me get closer to her!! Lol, I was moving on all fours, with my belly to the ground, when I moved closer. But then we sat together for 5 minutes right there, until we both got up to run because hail was starting to fall. I of course have my own interpretation on what this meant, but am curious to hear your thoughts

Judith Hirst said...

Hi Kaitlyn,
Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience! My thoughts are that you were having a one-on-one with your spirit animal guide. We all meet our animal guides in many different circumstances. I would like to hear about your adventures with her in the future. Blessings, Judy