Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Tribal Names for the Full Moons



On Monday, June 20, the night sky was a show with the full moon – the Strawberry Moon – lighting up the sky at the end of the longest day. 

Several people have asked me about the name – The Strawberry Moon – and my reply is that there are many names for the June Full Moon, and for the other months' full moons. 

If you are interested in the Tribal names for the full moon, then check out this website, and you will see a listing of most of the tribes in the United States, and their names for each monthly full moon.  Enjoy. 


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Spirit Animal - Deer Family


The Deer family came out of the bush and on to the edge of the lawn.  Mother Deer was very cautious.   She looked both ways before letting Junior out.  Once out of the woods, Junior wanted to run and play.  Another Deer and her two fawns were coming out of the bush further west.  Junior spotted them, and like all kids, wanted a chance to play with his buddies.

The two Moms moved together as the fawns played.  Moms were sharp eyed and did not eat, but kept swiveling their heads to make sure danger was not around. After the little guys worked off some energy, both parents herded the fawns to patches of grass and urged them to start nibbling.  Then they took them to some different trees and showed them that the leaves were good to eat.  The last stop was the flower bed where they showed the fawns which flowers they could eat. 

It was a lot of fun to watch.  There were also some good lessons about life in the deer family's outing.  What lessons did you pick up on?


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Spirit Animal - Canada Goose


The Canada Goose was out with her newest offspring, letting them get used to the water.  She and Dad Goose were very mindful of anyone or anything getting too close to the babies.

The Canada Goose is a wonderful example of having children and setting them free.

  • In the beginning of their life, the goslings are the most important part of the parent's life.
  • Mama Goose teaches the babies the correct things to eat, how to move through different currents, how to see danger and how to be safe.  The goslings take it all in.
  • As the goslings get older, the parents teach them about the "oneness" of the flock, and about being in service to the flock.  Service involves things like taking your turn as lead on the flying squad, staying fit, and taking your turn at guard duty.
  • The goslings move forward in life with a sense of strong self worth, ready to take on anything, and to travel great distances.


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Angels Speak - Are You With The Right People

The truth in this poster is almost staggering.  We all want friends or family that we can be totally open with.  Most of us know that we cannot tell them are truest thoughts because the listener will not be respectful of those thoughts.

We move through the world with discretion, trying to be true to what we want to do, wanting to please those important to us, and doing and saying things that will not hurt others.
We are strange in our actions.