Friday, 5 February 2016

Spirit Animal–Wolf on Life


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The Wolf was part of yesterday's blog, and today, has shown up again.  Wolf is a fascinating guide because it walks through the light and the dark.  It speaks to the Heavens, is friends with the Moon, and burrows in the Earth.  Often, we feel the need, like Wolf, to howl at the moon.  Sometimes, we look at our dogs, our friends and allies, and we are reminded that they have the blood of the Wolf in their ancestory.  It is a fascinating thing.

Today, if Wolf calls to you, do not hold back.  Go for that run, that hunt, or out to howl at the Moon.  Let the fierce freedom engulf you for some time.  When you return to the normal life, you will feel as though you were on a vacation. 

Your thoughts will be clearer, and your creativity will be intensified.  You will find the information floating around in your head that gives you reason to act – it may be anything.

Be joyful.


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Angels Speak - Wolf Tarot Spread


The Angels give us gifts to share with others.  I was having a discussion with one of my friends about tarot cards, and oracle cards.  We were talking about different spreads.  She told me about this cool reading layout called, "Hungry Like The Wolf" Tarot Spread.  It is by  Lyn Thurman.  Check out her blog and website.

As you may know, I love wolves so this spread speaks to me.



CARD 1I’m hungry like the wolf. This is what I hunger for and howl at the moon for her to bring me:

CARD 2: I’m lost. Yikes!  What do I need to see or do to gain direction:

CARD 3: I’m found. I know I’m on the right path when I find:

CARD 4I howl and I whine.  All is not lost because even though I might not see it, I do have this going in my favour:

CARD 5: It’s discord and rhyme. This is the confusion or obstacle I have to get past:

CARD 6: I’m on the hunt, I’m after you.  Oh yes!  I’ve got my wolf frame-of-mind on and my course of action is clear.   This is how I hunt the hunger down:


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Angels Speak - We Need To Say the Hard Things



I read this poster and felt the zings that one feels when a truth is spoken.  I get this feeling when something I want to talk about is close to my heart.  I get choked up.  Emotion is what alerts us to the "important" things.  At a cerebral level, nothing is really that important. 

Think about all the things you will not talk about to others.  Make a list, just for yourself, and read it out loud.  Then, burn it or tear it into bits and flush it.  There!  You have talked about it.  You have loosened its hold on you.  Relax for a bit.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Angels Speak - Are You Weird?


Three times in the last week and a bit, different people have called me weird or very strange. The comments came after I commented on a situation where they had one view, and, I showed them a very different view.  They think that my perception is not normal.  Well, that is true if they think their perception is "normal".

Really, how would human kind progress if people all thought the same way?  Where would our new inventions come from?  I am happy to be who I am.