Sunday, 25 January 2015

Spirit Speaks - How You Look To Me



I saw this poster and thought that everyone should see this!  Our self view is created early in life by our parents and siblings, and then augmented by the school years.  WE never really know ourselves because someone is always telling us how we are.

Take a moment and wipe out the past.  Sit in quiet and ask yourself who you are.  Every time you hear something that someone else has said, simply say, “No, not that.”

Wait to see what comes up.


Friday, 23 January 2015

Spirit Speaks - We are all connected


When I read about the senseless killing of animals to satisfy some person’s view of what balance should be, I think of the above poster.  Really, when we kill without needing to eat the meat, we are killing out of ego. The karma around this act is going to be a lifetime’s work.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Angels Speak–Common Cause of Failure



I must confess that there are times that I think about quitting a difficult task.  I was overwhelmed when I did my third year university.  I was taking extra classes and working part time.  I was going to quit.  My friends and family talked me into staying the course.  I am happy that I did.

What I learned from that experience is that often, it takes a team to help you keep going.  So, get some support this month to help you meet your goals.  Whether you have one person or ten people on your team, you will succeed because you have support.

The Angels are on your team, and faith and friends will help you move through life.  Your friends may even be angels or guides in disguise.  What fun!


Monday, 19 January 2015

Angels Speak - Dare To Live Your Life


This life is a blessing, the angels tell us, and many do not live what is available to them; they live only in the confines that “someone” has set for them. 

Until we realize that we create our own boundaries, we will always be confined.  To be free is to make choices that are from the heart, and not from fear.