Monday, 23 November 2015

Buddha Speaks - How Do You Place Your Trust



Recently, I have had to trust others to help me move forward in making a career change.  I have been thinking very hard about trust.  I was having trouble narrowing down what trust really was.  Then the UNIVERSE, in its great wisdom, provided me with two things to help me understand that trust has different aspects and the end result is the same.

The first “show me” that I got about trust was the poster above.  I think it is self explanatory.

The second “show me” on trust comes from the blog at Shambhala.  The blog features a short story from a book by Norman Waddell.  Here is the link.  Part of the story is below.


Placing Complete Trust in a Thief


book coverSuppose, for example, that a wealthy man mistakenly hires a master thief of the greatest skill and cunning to guard his house. After watching his granaries, treasures, and the rest of his fortune dwindle by the day, he orders the thief to seize several suspicious servants and to interrogate them around the clock until they confess. Family members are worried sick. Relations between husband and wife are severely strained. Yet their fortune goes on mysteriously shrinking. And it all happens because of the mistake the man had made in the beginning, in employing and placing his complete trust in a thief.

The lesson to be learned from this is that the very attempts to banish birth and death from your mind are, in themselves, a sure sign that birth and death is in full progress.

From The Essential Teachings of Zen Master Hakuin, translated by Norman Waddell, page 36



Saturday, 21 November 2015

Buddha Speaks - Peace is in the Present



Tonight, our meditation is focusing on “Peace Within”.  I was lucky enough to find this poster that shows a quote from Lao Tzu speaking on peace.  I think that when we feel peace in ourselves and our surroundings, we receive a triple fold blessing.  I believe that peace keeps us young.  I mean it stops our bodies from aging.  With peace, we have time to focus our faith and to feel the calling of our spirit. 

For me, peace is:

  • sitting by the fireplace with my husband, roaring fire, book in hand
  • walking in the park with my dogs and hearing the trees, the water, the birds, and the breeze
  • sitting in our arbour under our mountain ash tree, in the summer, being surrounded by green life and all the birds and squirrels that are in the trees
  • sitting in mediation
  • working in my garden
  • cooking and baking

What is peace to you?


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Angels Speak - Losing Ground



I love this poster!  It speaks to so many things – karma, human nature, free will, politics… the list goes on.  Recently, I have seen this proverb played out in many different situations:

  • In Canada, as part of the national vote for a new leader of the country, the Conservatives threw dirt at the young Liberal leader.  The Conservatives lost the election.
  • In a company, the vice president threw dirt about an employee, to a potential new employer, in hopes of keeping the employee.  The potential employer did not hire the candidate, but did tell the candidate what happened.  The employee left the company because of the lack of integrity at a leadership level.  And the company lost a great employee.
  • Perhaps the best example is how Volkswagen has been hoodwinking the public about emission controls.  Faith in Volkswagen and its products is extremely low.  And, Volkswagen needs to spend a lot of money to make things right.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Angels Speak – More on Stress


Life is always wonderful and strange.  We believe that we have control over things that will happen in our life.  Yet, what happens is often a mishmash of events that conspire to create a circumstance that is beyond our control.  We have STRESS.

A good example of circumstances beyond our control is being caught up in a traffic gridlock because of an accident.  We drive home from work, looking forward to relaxing, a good dinner, and some family time/exercise/hobby time.  Then, it seems when we are fifteen minutes from home, some idiot has an accident and involves several other cars.  The road is blocked.  The police have to sort out the events.  Traffic is halted.  If it is a highway accident and someone is killed, the tie up may be for several hours.  In this scenario, we have done nothing wrong.  We are enjoying life, and yet we are prevented from being where we want to be by someone else’s mistake.

We view this as unfair.  We see this as being punished.  We feel stress.  As the poster says, we must “let go”.  Life moves on.  And so it is.