Monday, 15 December 2014

Angels Speak–Understanding Patience



When we walk into a situation, we often cannot wait for it to be finished. We tap our foot, or our fingers.  We fidget. We complain.

I love this poster.  Attitude is everything.


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Angels Speak - In Motion



This poster reminds me that sometimes, we get going so fast that we cannot stop.  And, some people never get started.  It is a wonderful thing to be so happy in life that one just keeps moving and growing and loving. 


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Angels Speak - Life is Fast



The topic of our discussion at the table was how fast everything seems to be moving.  Microsoft puts out new software about every six months on the ERP systems.  New smartphones come out fast and furiously.  New TV shows are given six weeks to make it or they are canned.  Kids grow up quickly. Even the Earth is revolving a little more quickly than it did ten years ago.

As things speed up, the process can wear us down.  People like to be able to move at turtle speed sometimes.  It is hard to move at racing speed all the time. 

How do we cope with this intensity?  There is not a perfect way.  Each of us needs to find our way to move through the fast times.  For me, meditation in the morning, ten to fifteen minutes, and ten minutes at night helps me to slow down.  During the day, I do Still Breath, where you breath in, and hold your breath for a count of ten or so, and then breathe out, and hold for a count of ten.  Repeat for at least three rounds.  This gets rid of the tension that attaches to your body during the day.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Angels Speak - Thoughts On Failing


This quote resonated deeply for me. Failing or succeeding is in the eyes of the person walking the action, not in those that observe the action. 

While this might seem cryptic, I mean if I run a race and beat my own time by several seconds and yet do not win the race, I may have failed at winning the race but I succeeded in improving what I could do.  I succeeded!   

Sometimes, we do not see how we have been succeeding because we focus on the failing.  We need to change how we observe, and we need to have faith that we always succeed in some way.  Our faith and an attitude of gratitude will keep us from failing.

As long as we are in service to loving kindness, which is a great recipe for living, we cannot fail.