Monday, 15 September 2014

Spirit Animal–Hawk Eyes


The Hawk flew over the car as I drove into the cove, and then landed on the top of the evergreen in the backyard.  I could hear the “kreeeyee, kreeeyee” noise.  It actually sounded like “Judy, Judy”.  So, I went to see what was up.  The Hawk was very quiet as she watched me move through the patio door.  The dogs came out and stared, too. 

The intensity of her gaze made me look at her.  I felt the phrase from the movie, Avatar, come to mind.  “I see you.”  I felt like the emotions that I had been pushing down were able to rise up, and that, in that seeing, Hawk let them flow without judgement.  The intensity felt like it lasted a very  long time.  When I glanced at my watch it was only four or five minutes. 

Hawk flapped twice and lifted off.  I could hear her cry, Kreeeye, Kreeeyee.  It sound like “Clearly, Clearly”.  I wondered if it meant that I was clear, or that I should now see clearly, or, even, that clearly, she had worked with me. 


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Spirit Animal - Rabbit’s Gentle Ways


Rabbit hopped on to the grass so that I would see him.  He than crouched, and nibbled grass.  He looked at me.  He stretched out in the Sun.  He nibbled grass.  He wiggled his ears, his tail, and his nose.  He sighed.  He looked at me.

I got the message.  I was working very hard.  I did not take time to enjoy the Sun, or stretch, or go for coffee with my friends.  I was in a rut!  Rabbit’s message usually has a theme about being kind to one’s self.  Today, it was very clear, and a strong message to me, that I was leaving my nature of goodness to self behind as I tried to blend into the ways of someone else.

I need to change!


Friday, 12 September 2014

Angels Speak - Holding On


Dearest One,

There is nothing that can cripple you faster than looking backwards and trying to recapture something that has ended.  Additionally, nothing strangles one’s growth more than the refrain “If only”.  What you hang on to makes you stuck.