Monday, 23 May 2016

Angels Speak - Aspects of Life



Live your life with Confidence is what the Angels say.  Because, they say, you will meet every aspect of life.  If you did not have these opportunities to grow, life would be dull and humans would not grow and thrive.

Perhaps this is a good day to sit down and journal about the the times that you have overcome, or served, or even dared.  Maybe you need to write about what you have learned, and how you have grown this year compared to last year.


Saturday, 21 May 2016

Spirit Speaks - Meaning of Life


For those who have asked about the meaning of life and what their gift is, I post this poster for you. 

Each of us comes to Earth to learn and grow.  Over time, we may see changes in our selves, or not.  We develop a belief system that honors Creator, or not.  We live our life.  Some become spiritual and others do not.  Some of us stand out, and others do not.  We follow the path we create as we live.  It is a mystery how it all moves in a direction that provides us with what we need. 


Friday, 20 May 2016

More on Meditation



I just love the poster above!  I am a big fan of Google.  But, I will have to admit, that even Google cannot answer everything. 

Sometimes, sitting in meditation, you will hear and see things that will simply amaze you.  It will not happen on Day 1 or even Day 100.  It will happen.

Sometimes a meditation is a little prayer or wish.  We were wishing we had a Lindt chocolate bar to take to the hospital for his Mom as she asked for one.  I sorted through the mail and opened a care package (because I care package) from my sister.  In it was a Lindt chocolate bar that we could take to the hospital without having to stop at the store.  Little miracles.


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Spirit Speaks–Meditation For Life


Meditation is the ability to be able to focus on an idea, a saying, a situation, a prayer, or on the great knowingness in the Universe.  Some say prayer is you speaking to God and that meditation is God speaking to you.  What it is does not matter. 

What matters is that when you meditate, little changes happen.  You become more at ease and peaceful.  Life seems to flow more smoothly.  All the changes are good.  Osho says that you can meditate five minutes a day and receive benefits. 

What is frustrating you today?  What is making you feel sad or angry?  Are you feeling hurt?  Try a little quiet time with yourself.