Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Spirit Speaks - Always Take Some Time In Nature


When our soul grows weary with all that it is tasked to do, then is the time to walk in Nature.

It is in Nature that we find our rhythm with the Earth returning.  We align our heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Great Mother.  And we know all is well.

Think of this act as the act of the baby snuggling into the mother’s chest so that the baby can hear the heartbeat and know all is well!  This act reinforces the ONENESS between the mother and the child. 

As we grow older, we still need to be part of something.  We lose our way and feel alone.  We can change that feeling of aloneness by finding the place in Nature where we feel peaceful and free.  A place where Nature is in service to us and we are in service to her.


Monday, 23 February 2015

Angels Speak - Courage Has Many Definitions


Last week, I was fortunate to hear a story about moving on with her life from a very courageous woman.  She had been hurt in a car accident.  At the time of the accident,  the doctors told her family that she probably would not survive.  She was not fully conscious for several months.  During that time, she could choose to stay or to return to the Universe.  She chose to stay, and then had to go through the reintegration process to return to “normal” life. She had physiotherapy and psychotherapy, and all kinds of therapy.  During this, she lost her job, her condo, and many friends.  She kept going. I call that courage.

Courage, the Archangels tell us, has many kinds of forms and definitions.  We are not able to see what are courageous actions and we cannot understand every courageous action or belief.  Many are acts of faith. I look at history and see the journeys that our Ancestors took, and wonder where their courage came from.  Perhaps, like the last blog talked about, they were stuck in a rut, and needed to change. 

I wonder if courageous people hear a different life music than the rest of us. Perhaps they have a special blessing or gift that helps them make courageous choices.  Perhaps, they are the stuff of future legends. 


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Angels Speak - On Being Stuck



Lessons on life come from unusual places.  The best lessons come from being in a rut.  For some people, a rut or being stuck, is a safe place to be.  For others of us, a rut is a very bad place to stay.

I compare it to listening to a CD that gets stuck on a scratch or a piece of dirt.  The same part of a song plays over and over until you cannot stand it, and you must change the CD. 

Being stuck in a rut means you must make a change.  How to change is the big question.  You really do not know how until you discover what the lesson is. 

Yes, it is a paradox.  But, life is like that.


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Nature Speaks - On Satisfaction


It seems that often I see stories about people who are dissatisfied.  Being dis-satisfied means that one wants something that is not available to them.  It might be material goods, a job, a relationship, or even, abilities of some sort. 

My observation is that people that are not satisfied – and I am not talking about athletes who are striving for their best performance and therefore practice constantly – are looking for shortcuts.   The thing about life is that you have to live it. There are not any short cuts. 

Nature does not take any shortcuts in the growing cycle.  Healing only happens one way – with time.  Meditators only achieve oneness after hours and hours of meditation practice.  A herb only knows one way to be.  Life may be altered by prayer, and generally, the solution takes time.

The next time you feel dissatisfied, take a walk in Nature.  Life comes back into perspective.