Friday, 24 October 2014

Spirit Speaks - Something



I saw this poster, and I decided that it did not need any explanation.  I feel those “somethings” from time to time, and I am sure that you do.  Sometime, it really is a case of identifying the “something” that gets in your way.


Spirit Speaks - Wishes


On Tuesday, I had somebody say that they wished they were me.  I was flabbergasted!  And, I was curious.  I asked why they wanted to be me.

The answer was, “Well, your life seems so perfect.  You don’t really seem to have to work hard for anything.”

I started to laugh.  I work very hard.  A lot of my hard work is behind the scenes, however. To keep up to date on technology, I read many blogs and newsletter (and sometimes I just skim them, focusing in on things that interest me), and download software, or take online courses. I have two big dogs that need walking and some play time everyday.  I write one blog and contribute to another.  The list goes on.  Sometimes, even when I am tired, I “do” and the tiredness lifts.

I use my story as an example of how people perceive a situation, without having any facts.  It seems some people decide that something is a certain way, and then create the story to support it. I am flattered that someone thinks my life is easy.  It confirms that that person does not hear me complain.

It might be interesting to ask people around you –not close friends – if they think your life is easy.  And, is there anybody that you might wish to be?


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Spirit Speaks - Are You On The Uphill or the Downhill?



I am always grateful to those who share their stories, not just the stories that they write to sell as fiction or self help; I mean the stories that they share about themselves.  The Poster above comes from the famous “Harry Potter” author. 

If someone who has hit rock bottom can come back as a multimillionaire over a period of seven years, then each of us can achieve this type of movement – uphill.  However, as Rowling points out, she had to do the downhill thing, first.

I have been trying to decide if I am on the uphill or the downhill.  When I do the life line test, I am on the uphill.  Yippee!

Where are you?