Saturday, 9 August 2014

Angels Speak - Road Blocks



I was walking my dogs this morning with my friend who is an Estimator at a large construction company.  We talked about dreams.  Hers, she says, gets squashed constantly by the petty politics of the men around her.

To me, the pettiness, whether in men of women, is the pebble that is in your show, and makes walking difficult.  Normally, you can dump out the pebble in your shoe.  What do you do with people around you? 

Some thoughts are:

  • Ignore the politics and do your own thing
  • Become exceptional at your job – be a master and they cannot mess with you
  • If it is really bad, you can change your environment.  Quit!  Remember that what shows up at the bottom of the pool comes from the top.


Friday, 8 August 2014

Angels Speak - Reflections of You



What ever befalls us during the day, we can be sure that we are seeing a mirror of something that is going on within ourselves.  WE CREATE our own reality here on Earth.  There are some very interesting books being written on that topic right now.  We perceive and we see as we need to as we try to move through life.

We would all like to walk through life with grace and ease.  However, the car breaks down, the kids are sick, our job is a pain, and it goes on.  How do we achieve that grace? 

Acknowledge that life happens, and it is all a dream.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Angels Speak - Help Each Other



This lovely poster is beautiful in both thought and design.  It speaks of the way of the Angels… those beings that work with us at our request, and who do not interfere if they are not called upon. 

At work, we often talk about the differences in our clients.  We differentiate between those that are kind and those that are political.  The Kind clients help each other and help us to get the work done quickly and easily.  They are polite and say please and thank you, and always have fun in what they are doing.  We come away invigorated.

The political client is one that does things if it has a direct or indirect benefit to themselves.  They are not kind to one another, and generally do not socialize.  They are bullies, or self protective.  Working there is difficult because one cannot get a  straight answer.  They throw up road blocks.  A day in this environment feels like three. 

Overtime, we work to weed out the clients that take too much energy.  Sometimes, we have to do that with our friends.  Who or what is sapping your energy today?