Saturday, 19 April 2014

Buddha Speaks --- No Ego



When there is no ego or selfishness, there is nothing that will destroy nature, nothing that will exploit and abuse nature. Then the external, physical aspect of nature will be able to conserve itself automatically.   —Buddhadasa, “Conserving the Inner Ecology”

One of the most difficult things seems to be recognizing what is ego, and what is not.  Ego is the piece of you that works to keep you safe when you are in situations that could be dangerous to your health.  That is a good thing!

Then, there is the Ego that gets you in trouble by going into rhapsody over your looks, or voice, or abilities, or what ever.  It exaggerates.  Or, it becomes the voice of dissent.  And, it discourages you from trying new things.

We do need to embrace our Ego, and the let it go. 


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Buddha Speaks - Looking For Signs


When we see these words, we know that we are moving towards the peacefulness that we all crave.

It is often difficult to recognize signs in other languages, and yet, the meaning of the words become clear when we look around and see how people behave. 

We are one.  We can practice equanimity, or awareness, or being quiet, or being still.  It is your choice to  find the signs, the words, the actions that work for you.